Servocraft Limited / Qualifications
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The significant qualifications of Servocraft's Limited is in performing and delivering quality work on time and on budget in the ICI construction sector, based on its over 30 years experience.

- Servocraft Management Team has over 150 years of accumulated experience in mechanical and electrical building construction, service and maintenance.

- Servocraft Engineering Team of Professional and Gold Seal Certified Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, Estimators, Coordinators and Project Administrators with strong administrative support group.

- Highly skilled and competent technicians and workers, affiliated to Unions representing the various sectors of the electrical and mechanical construction.

- Capable and experienced in performing and delivering LEED and GREEN projects.

- Access to high figures Credit line and capability to Security bonding, whenever required.

- Utilizing latest IT programs of project management, QA/QC, Cost Control, AutoCAD, Primavera and similar operating systems.

- A well organized and maintained Occupational Health and Safety with high level awareness by orienting, training and upgrading its staff and employees, as well as regularly inspecting workplaces.


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